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March 25, 2023

The New ATHINA Lab: Using MRI to Support mTBI Research

ATHINA (pronounced Athena), is the ancient Greek Goddess of wisdom and warfare. She reminds us of Concussion Center Faculty, Dr. Eleanna Varangis, as she gracefully shares her knowledge of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and won the tough battle of choosing…
March 25, 2023

NeuroTrauma Research Lab: Student Engagement Update

Concussion Center director Dr. Steve Broglio also leads the NeuroTrauma Research Lab with the School of Kinesiology, which focuses on conducting research to improve athlete health and safety related to concussion. We are excited to share some updates on the…
March 25, 2023

Concussion Exercise Rehab Protocol Demonstration

In recognition of National Athletic Training Month, the Concussion Center hosted a Concussion & Cocktails event featuring Jeremiah Freeman, the NeuroSport Athletic Trainer Clinical Specialist. As an experienced Athletic Trainer with Michigan Medicine since 2000, Jeremiah is an invaluable team…
February 17, 2023

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS: Pop-up Safety Town in April, May, June 2023

Center member Dr. Andy Hashikawa, associate professor of emergency medicine, is organizing more Pop-up Safety Town events in underserved communities in Michigan this April and May. Pop-Up Safety Town is a pediatric injury prevention education program for young children and…
February 14, 2023

Speakers Series April 2023: Dr. Ruben Echemendia

The Concussion Center is honored to host Dr. Ruben Echmendia, an internationally renowned neuropsychologist from the University Orthopedics Center in Pennsylvania, in our April 2023’s Speaker Series.
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