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May 15, 2024

Dr. Broglio receives this year’s IHPI Policy Impact Award

Dr. Steve Broglio, Director of the University of Michigan Concussion Center, was honored with the Policy Impact Award at this year’s Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation (IHPI) member forum. IHPI acknowledges individual members whose contributions in their respective fields…
May 14, 2024

Member Spotlight: Dr. James (JT) Eckner

From the most fun he’s ever had doing research, to finding his career calling, this Q&A session with Dr. Eckner is guaranteed to entertain and inspire. Holding strong family values and a love for hockey, Dr. Eckner walks us through…
March 22, 2024

Championing athletic training: Meet John Ciecko III

For eight years, John Ciecko III has been an active member of the Michigan Athletic Trainers’s Society (MATS), an organization dedicated to advancing athletic training knowledge throughout the state. For the past two years, he’s held the position of president…
March 22, 2024

Championing Awareness and Support for Brain Injury

Since 2015, Nichole Shotwell has been at the forefront of advocacy, education, and support for individuals affected by brain injuries in Michigan. With a passion for aiding those with disabilities, her journey to becoming President and CEO of the Brain…
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