Collaborative return-to-classroom protocol for concussed college students

March 28, 2024


By Dayne Hopkins

Dr. Steve Broglio, director of the U-M Concussion Center, and Dr. Allyssa Memmini (UMich PhD 2022), assistant professor of athletic training at the University of New Mexico have partnered with the University Health System (UHS) to craft a return to classroom protocol that will be available to all students on campus who have experienced a concussion. The procedure allows students to collaborate with their teachers and gradually rejoin academic activities, aiming to minimize the loss of academic progress and reduce the potential worsening of concussion symptoms.

“While much of the attention to date has been placed on student-athletes, the general student body is also sustaining concussions from daily activities and needs support getting back to the classroom,” said Broglio. “This new policy was based on Allyssa’s dissertation work and is a first-of-its-kind model for concussed college students. We were thrilled.”

Dr. David Millward, athletic medical director, and head team physician with UHS also weighed in on the importance of the protocol. “The partnership between UHS and the U-M Concussion Center has enhanced the concussion care for the students of the University of Michigan,” said Millward. 

“This partnership has made it possible to bring the latest evidence-based, return-to-learn guidelines from research performed by Drs. Memmini and Broglio to the providers at UHS. By incorporating these guidelines into the concussion management performed by UHS providers, U-M students who have suffered a concussion have access to a higher level of care to help facilitate a full recovery and minimize the impact the injury has on their academic performance.”