Dr. Broglio receives this year’s IHPI Policy Impact Award

May 15, 2024


By Dayne Hopkins

Dr. Steve Broglio, Director of the University of Michigan Concussion Center, was honored with the Policy Impact Award at this year’s Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation (IHPI) member forum. IHPI acknowledges individual members whose contributions in their respective fields have positively influenced health policy or practice. Dr. Broglio’s constant dedication to reducing the risk of concussion and enhancing outcomes at local, state, and national levels are the supporting factors behind his recognition this year.

Recipients of the award will receive $2,000 in funding to support ongoing research and will also be afforded the opportunity to present their work in forthcoming IHPI publications.

Dr. Broglio expressed gratitude to the university for providing ample resources and acknowledged the exceptional individuals from over 35 different departments who collaborate with his team at the U-M Concussion Center across campus.

“This is not about the work that I’ve done, it’s really about the work that people around me have done,” said Broglio. “I’m just the fortunate one who gets to stand up and receive the award this year.”