2024 American College of Sports Medicine Overview

June 25, 2024


By Greta Joneson

The American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting, held in Boston from May 28-31, 2024, was a remarkable event showcasing invaluable research and insightful presentations from numerous experts in the field. The University of Michigan Concussion Center was prominently represented by its members, trainees, and alumni, who delivered exceptional presentations that contributed to the conference’s success!

The event began with a presentation by PhD candidate Adrian J. Boltz, MSH, during the Sport Injury Surveillance and Prevention session. Boltz presented an in-depth analysis of the epidemiology of knee injuries in NCAA men’s football over a 10-year period. His second appearance was during the poster session, where he shared his abstract titled “Lifetime Concussion History, Sleep Quality, And Pain Interference Following A Collegiate Athlete Career.” Both presentations highlighted Boltz’s dedication and expertise!

Dr. Landon Lempke, PhD, ATC, a former post-doctoral researcher with the Center and current Assistant Professor with the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), delivered a noteworthy lecture on “What is the Value of Functional Paradigms in Concussion Management? Evidence Behind Concussion Assessment Approaches.” Dr. Lempke, alongside other experts, explored evidence supporting various concussion assessment methods. His well-researched presentation provided the audience with a deeper understanding of functional paradigms in concussion management, highlighting his significant contributions to the field.

Another center member, Dr. Abigail Bretzin, PhD, ATC, Research Investigator with the U-M Injury Prevention Center, shared invaluable information during the Youth Sport session with her presentation on “Person Variability In Sleep And Concussion Symptom Reporting In A Pilot Study Of Health High School Student-athletes.” Her research offered insights into the variability of sleep and concussion symptom reporting among youth athletes.

The conference featured a group symposium titled “Concussion in Sport: An Update on What We Know and Where We Should Go,” featuring various current and former Center members, including Adrian J. Boltz, MSH, Allyssa Memmini, PhD, LAT, ATC, Reid Syrydiuk, MSc, and Dr. Steven Broglio, PhD. Each speaker brought a unique perspective to the symposium, making it one of the highlights of the event! Reid Syrydiuk, shared his expertise on Sport-Related Concussion Epidemiology and Prevention, while Dr. Allyssa Memmini, provided valuable insights on Sport-Related Concussion Assessment. Adrian J. Boltz, discussed Sport-Related Concussion Management and Recovery, and Dr. Steven Broglio, concluded the symposium with his presentation on the future of Sport-Related Concussion research.

The Center’s student trainee, Sabrina Vega, MS, also contributed with an outstanding poster presentation on “Factors Associated With Persistent Post-concussive Symptoms: Findings From The NCAA Injury Surveillance Program.” Under the mentorship of Adrian and Dr. Broglio, her research examined the factors associated with the odds of persistent post-concussive symptoms following sports-related concussions, providing valuable data that could inform future preventative measures.

In the same session, Dr. Landon Lempke, in collaboration with Adrian J. Boltz, Allyssa Memmini, Reid Syrydiuk, and Dr. Steven Broglio, presented on “Associations Between Head Trauma Exposures, Mental Health, And Cognitive Health Following A Collegiate Athletic Career.” Their collaborative effort, a testament to the team spirit of the University of Michigan Concussion Center, highlighted the intersection between head trauma exposures and long-term health outcomes, contributing to a critical area of sports medicine research.

From the University of Michigan Concussion Center, we would like to extend a thank you to The American College of Sports Medicine and all the incredible attendees for making ACSM2024 a memorable and outstanding event! We appreciate the opportunity provided to our members to share their knowledge and research contributions. We look forward to future ACSM events and continuing to advance the field of sports medicine and research!