The Science Behind Concussion

Learn the science behind a concussion, including what it is, the signs and symptoms, and the recovery process.

Manifold Podcast

U-M Concussion Center Director Steve Broglio discusses concussion risk, prevention, and treatment with Steven Hsu and Corey Washington on the Manifold Podcast. Other topics discussed include recent findings on CTE, why females may be at greater concussion risk, and why sleep is critical to avoiding long-term brain injury.

Saturday Morning Physics

U-M Concussion Center Director Steve Broglio presents “Are Concussions the Downfall of Football?” during a talk at Weiser Hall on February 16, 2019. 

Michigan Minds: Concussions Research

Michigan Minds interviews U-M Concussion Center Director Steve Broglio about Michigan Concussion Center’s research into concussions.

Michigan’s Concussion Legislation with Former Senator John Proos

Former state of Michigan Republican Senator John Proos talks about his experiences championing the 2012 state of Michigan concussion legislation. John reflects on his time in both the Michigan State House and Senate and why concussion education and protocols are important.

Concussion Law

Richard Friedman, a professor at the University of Michigan Law School, talks about the biggest legal issues surrounding concussions.

A Conversation with MHSAA Executive Director Mark Uyl

Mark Uyl, executive director of the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA), talks about his experiences with sport-related concussion as an athlete, coach, and executive. Mark speaks about how the MHSAA uses mandatory reporting to collect data across all sports and how they use this data to inform and drive concussion protocol for parents/guardians, athletes, and coaches.

Concussions in the Media

Joanne Gerstner, award-winning multi-platform sports journalist, researcher, author, and Brandt Fellow Sports Journalist in Residence at the Michigan State University’s School of Journalism, discusses her experiences working with concussions as a sports-journalist. She talks about how the media and journalism have evolved and how these changes impact the conversations the public is having about concussions.

Perspectives from an Athletic Trainer: Jeremiah Freeman

Jeremiah Freeman, head athletic trainer at Michigan NeuroSport, walks through the experience of someone who suffers a sport-related concussion before explaining the signs and symptoms he looks for as an athletic trainer, both on the field and during recovery. Finally, he discusses what the recovery process entails and when an athlete can go back to play.

Perspectives from a Physical Therapist: Bara Alsalaheen

Bara Alsalaheen, a physical therapist at Michigan NeuroSport, discusses recovery and rehabilitation following a sport-related concussion event.

Sport-Related Safety Equipment

Dr. Ellen Arruda, the Tim Manganello and BorgWarner Department Chair of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan, talks about how solid materials or equipment can help mitigate concussion injuries in athletes.

Athlete Perspective: Faith Harper

Faith Harper, a University of Michigan student-athlete on the varsity women’s soccer team, discusses her sport-related concussion experience as an athlete.

Coach Perspective: Carol Hutchins

Carol Hutchins, head coach of the University of Michigan women’s softball team, discusses her experiences with sport-related concussion as a coach.

Parent and Athlete Perspectives: Lisa and Ella Solomon

Lisa and Ella Solomon talk about their experiences with sport-related concussion; Lisa as a parent and Ella as a student-athlete.