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The mission of the Concussion Center is to maximize societal and individual health through the relentless pursuit of concussion knowledge
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The Center’s structure revolves around three cores with distinct, yet mutually supportive functions:


The Research Core functions as the Center’s foundation, supporting and integrating outstanding University of Michigan faculty to promote innovative research collaborations.


The Clinical Core exists symbiotically with the other cores by identifying clinically relevant research questions, involving patient populations in research studies and translating cutting edge Research Core findings into clinical care and patient education


The Outreach & Engagement Core will help support the mission of the Center and the University by translating research findings to key stakeholders and providing learning resources through externally directed platforms.

Eckner compares neurological outcomes in non-contact, contact sport athletes

Research co-authored by Research Core Director Dr. James Eckner does not necessarily support the notion that participation in sports associated with exposure to repetitive head impacts has clinically meaningful cumulative effects over the course of a season nor over four consecutive seasons in high school and collegiate athletes. He compared pre-season to post-season changes on a battery of clinical neurological outcome measures between non-contact, contact, and collision sport athletes over multiple seasons of play.


Steve Broglio’s research cited in The Conversation

Director Steve Broglio’s co-authored research “Early Results of a Helmetless-Tackling Intervention to Decrease Head Impacts in Football Players” was featured in a piece written for The Conversation by University of Massachusetts Lowell Kinesiology Professor Eric Swartz. Swartz, who co-authored the research, touches on the research findings that helmetless tackling and blocking drills did reduce head impact in college and high school players who took part in a randomized controlled clinical trial.


CARE Consortium studies relationship between the physiological and clinical recovery of concussed athletes

Director Steve Broglio and members of the CARE Consortium published research focusing on the relationship between the physiological recovery and clinical recovery of sport-related concussion. Click the link below to discover their findings.