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The mission of the Concussion Center is to maximize societal and individual health through the relentless pursuit of concussion knowledge.
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The Center’s structure revolves around three cores with distinct, yet mutually supportive functions:


The Research Core functions as the Center’s foundation, supporting and integrating outstanding University of Michigan faculty to promote innovative research collaborations.


The Clinical Core exists symbiotically with the other cores by identifying clinically relevant research questions, involving patient populations in research studies and translating cutting edge Research Core findings into clinical care and patient education


The Outreach & Engagement Core will help support the mission of the Center and the University by translating research findings to key stakeholders and providing learning resources through externally directed platforms.

Faculty Profile: Bruno Giordani

Dr. Bruno Giordani is a professor in the Michigan Medicine departments of Psychiatry, Neurology, and Psychology, as well as the U-M School of Nursing. He is the associate director of the Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, the chief psychologist for the Department of Psychiatry, and the senior director of the Mary A. Rackham Institute.

Concussion Center launches Scholars Program

The University of Michigan Concussion Center has launched its “Concussion Center Scholars Program” thanks to an endowed gift of $2M. The program aims to give University of Michigan students opportunities to work alongside Concussion Center researchers, faculty, and staff members in various research and academic environments.

Understanding the impact of sensation-seeking on concussion

Spencer Liebel, a clinical neuropsychology postdoctoral fellow in the University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry, Liebel is the first author of the article “Sensation-Seeking and Impulsivity in Athletes with Sport-Related Concussion,” which seeks to understand how an individual’s sensation-seeking may influence their risk and incidence of sport-related concussion. 

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