Unveiling the Latest CISG Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport

June 15, 2023


By Tina Chen

We are thrilled to share an important milestone in sports medicine – the latest release of the international Concussion in Sport Group (CISG) consensus statement on the management of sports concussions, hot off the press from the British Journal of Sports Medicine as of June 15, 2023.

The statements are published once every four years and lay the foundation for concussion management worldwide. This 2023 release marks the sixth statement the group has published since 2001. Each release represents our advanced understanding and management of sport-related concussions, safeguarding the health and safety of athletes worldwide. 

The CISG document distills the current scientific knowledge, research findings, clinical experience, and consensus among professionals working across a variety of settings. It provides a platform for ongoing dialogue and research. Concussion Center Director, Dr. Steven Broglio, had the privilege of co-authoring this statement. He observed, “It has been great to see the continual evolution of guidelines as our understanding of concussion grows. This consensus statement is the culmination of ten systematic reviews that screened over 78,000 citations and completed nearly 1500 full-text reviews. To be one of the 28 researchers and medical providers convening, deliberating, and ultimately deciding on the best recommendations to put forward was an honor.” Concussion Center members contributed to three of the ten systematic reviews.

Dr. Steve Broglio at the 6th International Consensus Conference on Concussion in Sport, October 2022

This statement serves as a pivotal document, providing guidelines and recommendations for the recognition, assessment, and management of concussions in sports. With a focus on evidence-based practices and a multidisciplinary approach to medical care, the CISG has successfully sketched a blueprint for a more harmonized understanding and consistent protocols across the sporting community. At the heart of this consensus statement lies a commitment to the safety and well-being of athletes. It provides clear guidelines on the removal and evaluation of athletes suspected of having a concussion, as well as structured and gradual return-to-learn and return-to-play protocols.

“To be one of the 28 researchers and medical providers convening, deliberating, and ultimately deciding on the best recommendations to put forward was an honor.”

Steve Broglio, PhD, U-M Concussion Center Director

The document serves as a valuable resource for healthcare professionals to access the best available evidence-based practices in the field of concussion management. It provides guidelines ensuring athletes are allowed the necessary time to recover fully, minimizing the risk of repeated injury. By bringing together different perspectives and expertise, the consensus statement contributes to the advancement of knowledge, identification of gaps, and the development of future research initiatives aimed at protecting the health and well-being of athletes across various disciplines.

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