U-M Concussion Center Empowers High School Athletes Through Strategic Partnership with MHSAA

December 11, 2023


By Dayne Hopkins

In a collaboration aimed at protecting the well-being of high school athletes, the University of Michigan Concussion Center partnered with the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) five years ago to bring comprehensive concussion training and information to coaches and volunteers. The University of Michigan News recently highlighted the impact of this initiative by sharing the personal experience of Catherine Vick, a 10th-grade cheerleader from Paw Paw High School.

Vick initially downplayed the severity of a concussion she sustained during a cheerleading practice. However, after enduring persistent headaches for a week, she decided to disclose her symptoms to her coaches.  Fortunately, she had coaches equipped with the Michigan Sports-Related Concussion Training Certificate offered by the U-M  Concussion Center, and her father, a former athletic trainer, to refer her to the team’s athletic trainer for proper concussion protocol. This involved regular check-ins, modified workouts, and a focus on proper nutrition and hydration until Catherine fully recovered. 

The Concussion Center/MHSAA collaboration aims to address the growing concern of concussions among adolescents. Steven Broglio, director of the U-M Concussion Center, emphasizes the need to eliminate misinformation surrounding concussions and highlights the partnership’s goal of informing athletes, parents, and coaches with the best information on recognizing, managing, and seeking treatment for concussions.

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