NeuroSport Clinic receives awards for exceptional patient care

December 11, 2023


By Dayne Hopkins

Earlier this year, Michigan Medicine’s Office of Patient Experience recognized the NeuroSport clinic for their outstanding commitment to patient care. The NeuroSport team earned the distinction as one of the top two performing sites based on the results from Michigan Medicine’s Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems Clinician & Group Survey (CG-CAHPS) — underscoring their unwavering dedication to providing a top-tier patient experience. Using data collected from the CG-CAHPS survey, which is administered to patients to capture their experiences with healthcare providers and staff in primary and specialty care settings, Michigan Medicine bestows quarterly awards to top-performing clinics. 

The NeuroSport clinic stands out as one of the nation’s few comprehensive programs addressing the neurological concerns of athletes. NeuroSport’s multidisciplinary care team evaluates the physical, cognitive, and emotional components of athletes who have suffered a concussion. The team consists of sports neurologists, sports medicine physicians, physiatrists, neuropsychologists, physical therapists, social workers, and athletic trainers. For two consecutive quarters this year, the team achieved a remarkable 99th percentile ranking nationwide, putting them in the top spot for the award, which encompasses an assessment of the overall care of the patients.

DeAnn Yoder, Project Lead Manager, and Devin Lippert, Administrative Director in the Office of Patient Experience joined Dr. Matt Lorincz, Dr. Andrea Almeida, and their team at Domino’s Farms to present the award. Lippert, a former patient herself, shared the experience she had with Melissa Grzesiak, a vestibular physical therapist at Neurosport:

They truly listened to my concerns and challenges and were honest with me about my treatment plan and what it was going to take to start feeling better. They responded to my portal messages and helped me through my up-and-down journey.” Lippert expressed her enduring gratitude, stating, “If it wasn’t for Melissa’s caring compassion, I would not be able to stand here/upright in this event today. I am forever grateful.”

Patient testimonials and survey results not only provide valuable feedback for clinicians, but also play a crucial role in identifying areas for improvement, monitoring the performance of physician practices, and ultimately recognizing and rewarding high-quality care.

The level of performance with patient experience by the NeuroSport team reflects incredible commitment to excellence, but also teamwork that represents the best of who we are at Michigan Medicine. It’s clear that patients see their full experience as better than they can get anywhere else, and we’re certainly proud to recognize the expertise, commitment, and collaboration of this extrodinary team.

Dr. David Miller, President, University of Michigan Health System

For more information on the NeuroSport clinic, visit the link here