Dr. Tamerah Hunt discusses SES, race during Speaker Series presentation

August 11, 2020


By admin

The Michigan Concussion Center kicked off its Quarterly Speaker Series with Dr. Tamerah Hunt, associate professor of Athletic Training at Georgia Southern University, on Thursday, July 30. 

Dr. Tamerah Hunt

Dr. Tamerah Hunt

Her presentation entitled “The Tough Talk: Examining SES and Racial Disparities in Concussion Evaluation and Management” focused on three areas: 1) the ramifications of socioeconomic status (SES) and race on concussion evaluation and assessment; 2) the barriers of healthcare access in low SES and minority patients; and 3) the importance of communication and community engagement to decrease the resistance to medical care following a concussion amidst current community climates.

“It was a pleasure to have Dr. Tamerah Hunt as our first speaker. She emphasized necessary improvements for neuropsychological testing in concussed adolescent athletes, how socioeconomic status may affect recovery outcomes, as well as the need for multidisciplinary concussion management in both the athletic and academic settings,” said Allyssa Memmini, a PhD candidate in Athletic Training. “I enjoyed listening to her real-world clinical scenarios throughout her talk, and how they shaped the framework for each of her research projects. Her passion for her work was very inspiring to me, especially as a female researcher. Thank you, Dr. Hunt!”

The Concussion Center Quarterly Speaker Series is led by Dr. Andrea Almeida, the center’s clinical associate director. The main focus is building awareness of other concussion-related work while fostering an environment where U-M clinicians and researchers can meet and collaborate.

You can watch the entire presentation below.