Dr. Lorincz praises Wentz’s concussion self-report

January 29, 2020


By admin

Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz runs onto the field during an NFL game. Photo: Keith Allison/keithallisonphoto.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz self-reported his concussion symptoms to medical staff during this year’s NFL playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks. He is being called “heroic” by NFL Chief Medical Officer Dr. Allen Sills for speaking up. 

Wentz was immediately evaluated in the team’s medical tent for a concussion before being taken back to the locker room for further evaluation after failing the concussion protocol. He did not return to the game and it was later confirmed that Wentz suffered a concussion.

Dr. Matthew Lorincz, director of the University of Michigan NeuroSport Clinic and associate clinical director of the U-M Concussion Center, feels that Wentz’s actions are an example that should be followed by all athletes, regardless of the level of competition. 

“Studies have demonstrated that those who continue to play after sustaining a concussion have prolonged recovery compared to those who are immediately removed from play,” Lorincz said.  

“As an athlete at any level, in any sport, it shouldn’t matter what your teammates, coach, adults, or fans think. If you take a hit to head and feel any symptoms, or ‘just don’t feel right,’ we cannot emphasize enough how important it is for the athlete to immediately remove themselves from play and seek medical attention,” Lorincz continued. “If Carson Wentz can self-report his concussion symptoms during his first-ever NFL playoff game, under such high stakes, any athlete should as well.”

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