Care Consortium study highlighted in Michigan News

September 3, 2021


By Andrew Moser

Steve Broglio smiling

Steve Broglio

Director Steve Broglio highlighted the Care Consortium study “The Natural History of Sport-Related Concussion in Collegiate Athletes: Findings from the NCAA-DoD CARE Consortium,” during an interview this week with Michigan News. He talked about how normal concussion recovery time could take upwards of a month before an athlete can be cleared to return-to-play.

The study found that though median recovery times were consistent with the previously suggested 14 days, it was not until one month post-injury that most athletes were cleared for unrestricted sport participation.

“Normal return-to-play time was previously set at 14 days–meaning 50% of people recovered in that time. Our paper suggests that 28 days more fully encapsulates the recovery process. At that point, 85% of people have returned to play,” Broglio said.

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