Broglio quoted in Health Day

September 16, 2022


By admin

University of Michigan Concussion Center Director Steve Broglio is quoted in the Health Day news article “In Boxers and MMA Fighters, Brain May Make Some Recovery After Retirement.”

The article covers a new study by researchers at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo for Brain Health in Las Vegas surrounding professional fighters and their brain health. According to the study, professional fighters who retired by their early 30s showed improvement in their memory and thinking skills in the first two years of retirement. The former fighters also showed stabilization in measures of brain tissue thickness.

Broglio, who was not associated with the study, said in the article “there is no clear threshold, and individual athletes will vary in what head-impact dose they can tolerate without lasting consequences.” He added the new findings “offer reassurance and may be relevant to other pro sports, like football, where athletes get repetitive knocks to the head.”

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