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Saketh Addanki

Undergraduate Student

As a BCN student with a passion for sports my interest in concussions lies in the intersection between brain health and athletic performance. I am interested in how concussions impact the physiological, behavioral, and cognitive functions of the brain and how cutting edge interventions and rehabilitation can optimize athletic performance.

As a senior studying BCN on the pre-med track, I am deeply passionate about understanding and addressing the complexities of neurological health, particularly in the context of concussions and traumatic brain injuries. The interdisciplinary approach and innovative research conducted at the U-M Concussion Center have greatly inspired me, and I am eager to use my background in research and neuroscience to contribute to the valuable work being done in this field. I firmly believe that the hands-on experience and mentorship offered at the UM Concussion Center would not only enrich my academic journey but also provide me with invaluable insights into the practice of medicine, particularly in the realm of neurology and sports medicine