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Melissa Grzesiak, PT

Vestibular Physical Therapist

NeuroSport, Michigan Medicine

Melissa Grzesiak, PT graduated in 2010 from Central Michigan University with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  While completing her degree, Melissa developed a strong interest in the vestibular system and how even the smallest disruption can cause a tremendous impact on the body’s ability to function. Through both continuing education and clinical experience, she has learned how valuable of a role Vestibular Rehabilitation can have on recovery.  In 2012, Melissa accepted a Vestibular Physical Therapist position here at Michigan Medicine and in 2014, she earned her Vestibular Certification. Currently, Melissa enjoys dividing her time between two clinics (Michigan Neurosport and Michigan Balance) performing comprehensive evaluation and treatment for patients who have been effected by vestibular disorders, balance impairments, and post-concussive syndrome.