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Landon Lempke

Landon Lempke, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

School of Kinesiology

University of Michigan Exercise & Sport Science Institute

University of Michigan Concussion Center

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Dr. Landon Lempke joined the University of Michigan in 2022. He completed his bachelor’s degree in athletic training at Illinois State University in 2016; master’s degree in kinesiology at the University of Virginia in 2017; doctoral degree in exercise science-biomechanics at the University of Georgia in 2021; and post-doctoral research fellowship at Boston Children’s Hospital in 2022. He has numerous publications in the field of concussion, sports medicine, and biomechanics.

His research has been funded by multiple past and present grants from organizations such as the National Athletic Trainers’ Association and the American College of Sports Medicine. His current research broadly aims to address how to best prevent, assess, and clinically manage and rehabilitate concussions. Specifically, his research focuses on reaction time, human movement biomechanics, objective return to play decision-making, and overall optimizing clinical practice related to concussion.

For his work, Lempke has been recognized by numerous organizations, such as the American Kinesiology Association’s Doctoral Scholar Award in 2021 and the Pediatric Research in Sports Medicine (PRiSM) society’s Mininder S. Kocher Most Promising Career Award in 2019.


Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Michigan

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School

PhD in Exercise Science-Biomechanics, University of Georgia

MS in Kinesiology, University of Virginia