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Kelley Kidwell, PhD

Associate Professor, Biostatistics

School of Public Health

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Dr. Kidwell is interested in the design and analysis of clinical trials. Her methodological work centers on better matching the way in which we practice medicine and public health (critical decisions over time tailored to individuals) to the way in which we experimentally study it. Dr. Kidwell’s methods work has primarily focused on the design and analysis of sequential, multiple assignment, randomized trials (SMARTs), in standard or large size trials for treating common diseases and disorders, and in small samples or for treating rare diseases. Collaboratively, Dr. Kidwell aims to improve public health science by bridging the gap between researchers, the biostatistical methods needed and applied to studies, and the communication of results. Dr. Kidwell is involved in the design and analysis of many trials with investigators across the university in settings such as mental health, chronic pain, substance use, and oncology. Her methods and collaborative work influences clinical trial statistical theory and practice and hopefully is improving people’s lives through new designs and efficient treatment estimates.