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Jason Goldstick, PhD

Jason Goldstick, PhD

Research Associate Professor

Emergency Medicine, Michigan Medicine

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Dr. Jason Goldstick is a Research Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Michigan, the Director of Statistics and Methods at the CDC-funded University of Michigan Injury Prevention Center, and has a broad research portfolio in injury prevention. He has been the lead statistician on multiple NIH-funded proposals related to head injury and has co-authored multiple papers related to concussion and other head injuries.

Dr. Goldstick’s past research broadly focused on social epidemiology in a variety of settings, including infectious disease, childhood problem behaviors, substance use, and violence. Inherent to these types of problems is a necessity to devise methods for complex data structures such as longitudinal and spatially dependent data, which is what brought him to this line of research during his Ph.D. training in statistics. After graduate school, Dr. Goldstick spent two years as a research fellow at the University of Michigan School of Public Health in the Epidemiology Department, working on infectious disease modeling. Dr. Goldstick’s current work at the Injury Center involves a variety of injury-related research projects, most related to substance use and/or violence. A recurring theme in his research is the analysis of how contextual information (e.g. spatially/temporally proximate conditions) modulates individual-level outcomes, both in terms of direct effects and how they modify dependencies between variables. Dr. Goldstick is the PI of an R03 funded to study age-specific risk factors for and comorbidities of (e.g. violence, sexual risk behaviors) and substance use.


PhD in Statistics, University of Michigan

MS in Statistics, University of Michigan