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Brandon Wright

Brandon Wright

Sabrina is a graduate student who came to the University of Michigan following a successful career as an elite gymnast and 5x USA National Team member. Sabrina is also a 5x All-American who competed for the University of Georgia, where she also completed her undergraduate work in biology and public health. She has her sights set on medical school and is currently working with the Concussion Center, which allows her to stay connected to an area of medicine and research that she is passionate about and hopes to pursue in her future career as a doctor.

Andrew is an undergraduate student in the School of Kinesiology studying Movement Science. He loves to learn more about fitness, science, and health; his current obsession is healthspan: how to not just live longer, but to live a better life with less decline and disease. Andrew seeks out challenges in his life, making some parts unpleasant, but that’s what makes the other parts rewarding; or so he says. He’s an avid reader, demonstrated by the fact that he almost always brings a Kindle wherever he goes; he enjoys listening to podcasts, reading manga, and watching anime. 

Dr. Rigby is a postdoctoral neuropsychology resident at the University of Michigan. Her primary research interest involves the way in which higher-level brain functions, like cognitive control/executive function, can be influenced and perturbed by pathology, normal aging, and one’s external environment.

Lauren Czerniak is an Industrial and Operations Engineering Ph.D. student at the University of Michigan where she is being co-advised by Dr. Mark Daskin and Dr. Mariel Lavieri. Her research focuses on developing and applying stochastic models to address current challenges in healthcare with applications in pharmaceutical drugs, glaucoma, and concussion management. She is a Rackham Merit Fellow and a recipient of the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

Kaya is an undergraduate student in the School of Kinesiology, Movement Science program. She has an interest in neuroscience research and serves as a student ambassador for the school.

Jillian is a current PhD student at the School of Public Health. She has worked with former professional football players to study a range of health conditions, from cardiovascular conditions to chronic pain to long-term effects of head impacts and traumatic brain injuries (TBI). She hopes to continue working to understand the effects of TBI and any interactive effects with psychosocial stressors, especially in adverse childhood experiences.

Carlin Pendell is a student member of the center, working in the NeuroTrauma Lab. Her senior thesis focuses concussion and its impact on acute neurological deficits. Carlin’s work has been selected and supported by the LSA Honors Program. Her work will surely fill a critical literature gap and help Carlin along her future academic career path.