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Samantha Doran

As a Neuroscience student, my long-term goals include becoming a physician-researcher and making meaningful contributions to the field of neurotrauma. I am eager to be part of a team dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by brain injuries.  I hope to contribute to the development of effective strategies and therapies that can improve the quality of life for individuals affected by concussions.

Lily Tiefel is working with the U-M Concussion Center to create the first college-level concussion baseline testing using C3 Logix for the University of Michigan Adaptive Sports and Fitness Program. Tiefel’s responsibilities include screening athletes and conducting concussion awareness surveys. The ultimate goal is for this testing to become a standard practice for U-M adaptive sports programs and potentially for other universities’ adaptive sports programs.

As an undergraduate student studying with the School of Kinesiology, Movement Science, I joined the Concussion Center to be involved with the myriad of opportunities to advance my knowledge in injury prevention and develop a strong foundation for a future in sports medicine.

I am eager to contribute to the center’s impactful initiatives in promoting brain health awareness by engaging in advocacy campaigns and educational outreach efforts and supporting survivors through innovative programs like Living with Brain Injury.

Clara Christopherson is a 4th-year undergraduate student studying graphic design and fine arts at the Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design. Before coming to the University of Michigan, Clara studied abroad in a business management and design program. As a Concussion Center intern, she hopes to use her creativity and excitement for the arts as a tool to promote the center in engaging ways—whether through social media or live events!

Sarah Boeke is a fourth-year pre-medical student at the U-M School of Public Health, pursuing a B.A. in Community and Global Public Health. She is passionate about child safety and injury prevention, and has contributed to the expansion of the Concussion Center’s Pop-Up Safety Town program through development of innovative, mobile curriculum kits for preschool teachers and childcare providers in low-income communities across the state.

As a member of the marketing and communications team, Harshini is a 4th-year student studying business with minors in user experience design and computer science. She is interested in digital marketing and marketing analytics. Her past experience as a Marketing Intern at OneMagnify and a Marketing Operations Intern at USA Hockey has allowed her to gain experience in digital and experiential marketing.

As part of Concussion Center’s Marketing & Communications team, Kim is currently studying Sports Management with a Marketing Concentration at the School of Kinesiology. Her experience with the LPGA Dow Championship as Co-Chair of Sustainability has allowed Kim to gain event marketing/activation experience, furthering her passion in this field. Additionally, Kim has a huge passion for non-profits and hopes to work for a non-profit organization or foundation.

As a BCN student with a passion for sports my interest in concussions lies in the intersection between brain health and athletic performance. I am interested in how concussions impact the physiological, behavioral, and cognitive functions of the brain and how cutting edge interventions and rehabilitation can optimize athletic performance.

As a senior studying BCN on the pre-med track, I am deeply passionate about understanding and addressing the complexities of neurological health, particularly in the context of concussions and traumatic brain injuries. The interdisciplinary approach and innovative research conducted at the U-M Concussion Center have greatly inspired me, and I am eager to use my background in research and neuroscience to contribute to the valuable work being done in this field. I firmly believe that the hands-on experience and mentorship offered at the UM Concussion Center would not only enrich my academic journey but also provide me with invaluable insights into the practice of medicine, particularly in the realm of neurology and sports medicine

My profound interest in concussion studies is deeply rooted in my personal experiences. As a former athlete in hockey and football, I have firsthand knowledge of the impact concussions can have on one’s life. The decision to quit football due to concussion-related health concerns marked a significant turning point, leading to the loss of numerous social and academic opportunities. This period of my life represented the greatest adversity I have ever faced, profoundly influencing my career aspirations.

I’m interested in the Michigan Concussion Center as it resonates deeply with my desire to support domestic violence survivors. I am drawn to researching injuries commonly sustained by these individuals as it aligns with my goal of comprehensively understanding their experiences. My specific interest lies in the intersection of concussion research and aiding survivors, offering a unique opportunity to contribute meaningfully to their healing journey. Additionally, as a former athlete, I am also very interested in the intricacies of preventative concussion measures and effective treatment protocols.