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Taylor Rigby, PhD

Dr. Rigby is a postdoctoral neuropsychology resident at the University of Michigan. Her primary research interest involves the way in which higher-level brain functions, like cognitive control/executive function, can be influenced and perturbed by pathology, normal aging, and one’s external environment.

Lauren Czerniak is an Industrial and Operations Engineering Ph.D. student at the University of Michigan where she is being co-advised by Dr. Mark Daskin and Dr. Mariel Lavieri. Her research focuses on developing and applying stochastic models to address current challenges in healthcare with applications in pharmaceutical drugs, glaucoma, and concussion management. She is a Rackham Merit Fellow and a recipient of the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

Kaya is an undergraduate student in the School of Kinesiology, Movement Science program. She has an interest in neuroscience research and serves as a student ambassador for the school.

Jillian is a current PhD student at the School of Public Health. She has worked with former professional football players to study a range of health conditions, from cardiovascular conditions to chronic pain to long-term effects of head impacts and traumatic brain injuries (TBI). She hopes to continue working to understand the effects of TBI and any interactive effects with psychosocial stressors, especially in adverse childhood experiences.

Carlin Pendell is a student member of the center, working in the NeuroTrauma Lab. Her senior thesis focuses concussion and its impact on acute neurological deficits. Carlin’s work has been selected and supported by the LSA Honors Program. Her work will surely fill a critical literature gap and help Carlin along her future academic career path.

Greta Joneson joined the center in February of 2023 as a marketing and communications team member. Greta is in her 3rd-year at the University of Michigan and is obtaining her B.A. in Communications and Media with a minor in Stamps School of Art & Design. She has past experience working as a Digital Media Assistant for Grand Valley State University athletics, creating videos, designing graphics for social media, and promoting athletic events through a variety of platforms.

At the Concussion Center, her primary responsibilities include assisting in graphic and video creation, marketing campaigns, and a variety of content development to support the center’s mission of maximizing societal and individual health through the relentless pursuit of concussion knowledge.

Reid Syrydiuk is a PhD student in the Michigan Concussion Center under the supervision of Dr. Steve Broglio. Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Reid completed his undergraduate degree in psychology & health studies at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON, and completed his Masters of Science degree in Kinesiology at the University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta. His research interests include concussion prevention in sport, policy change aiming to improve concussion safety, and clinical outcomes following concussion.

Reid is one of the facilitators for the Concussion Center’s monthly Journal Club.

Adrian is a doctoral student in the Movement Science program training under Dr. Steven Broglio. Before coming to U-M, Adrian worked (and continues to work) at the Datalys Center Sports Injury Research and Prevention as the Research Associate for the NCAA Injury Surveillance Program. His research interests include using advanced statistical techniques to study the effects of concussion on sleep and to predict recovery time using concussion symptomology, clinical assessments, and physiological changes associated with concussions.

Adrian is one of the co-presenters for the Concussion Center’s monthly Journal Club.

Jiyoon Lee joined the Michigan Concussion Center in October 2022 as our Marketing and Media Intern. Jiyoon is currently an undergraduate at the University of Michigan majoring in Communication.

At the Concussion Center, her primary duty is to assist in the production of marketing campaigns while incorporating communication methods to promote center-related video content across digital platforms. As an intern, she is also responsible for managing the center’s social media accounts, following through with media requests, and providing media support for events.