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William Farnsworth, MD

Dr. Farnsworth was a fellow with NeuroSport before joining the Neurology Center of Southern California as a neurologist. He specializes in sports neurology. He has a clinical interest in neurologic diseases seen in athletes, including concussion, TBI, and post-concussion syndrome.

Dr. Sas was the chief resident of neurology during his final year of residency at the University of Michigan’s medical school. During his time here, he worked closely with our clinicians from NeuroSport in treating sports-related concussions. He is now a assistant professor of neurology with The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, with a research goal to find translational immunotherapy targets to promote post-injury healing for traumatic brain injury patients.

Dr. Allyssa Memmini is a U-M School of Kinesiology and Concussion Center alum (PhD ’22; advisor: Steve Broglio) whose clinical interest is in sports-related concussions and academic support in higher education (e.g., return-to-learn protocol). Dr. Memmini is now an assistant professor of Athletic Training at the University of New Mexico College of Education & Human Sciences.

Hannah Shapiro joined the center in June 2021 as a member of the marketing and communications team. Hannah is in 4th-year at the University of Michigan and is obtaining her B.A. in Sport Management with a minor in the Ross School of Business. She has past experience working on marketing and partnership initiatives through internships with FOX Sports, Wasserman, and Visa, and currently serves as President of the University of Michigan Sport Business Association, leading operations for a group of 250+ members. 

Anirudh is an incoming medical student who majored in neuroscience and healthcare management during his time at the University of Michigan. His interest in concussion stems from being a multi-sport athlete (practice player for the Michigan Women’s D1 basketball team and tennis coach through U-M School of Kinesiology’s Community Program). His long-term goal is to pursue a medical degree, and he desires to dive into a field that relates to his academic background and professional interest in sports medicine.