Michigan NeuroSport

The Michigan Concussion Center partners with University of Michigan NeuroSport to provide clinical care for concussed athletes. It is one of only a handful of comprehensive programs in the country dedicated to the neurological concerns of athletes. By drawing on the resources of our health system as well as the rich athletic tradition of a historic NCAA program, NeuroSport specializes in the treatment and prevention of neurological sports injuries, as well as the management of primary neurological diseases that affect athletic performance.

The mission of the multidisciplinary Michigan NeuroSport outpatient clinic is to provide optimal individualized patient-centered care for athletes of all levels with an emphasis on acute concussion care and potential long-term consequences of mild head trauma.

NeuroSport’s multidisciplinary care team evaluates the physical, cognitive and emotional components of athletes who have suffered a concussion. The team consists of sports neurologists, sports medicine physicians, physiatrists, neuropsychologists, physical therapists, social workers and athletic trainers.

The program provides state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment options with a focus on returning patients to competition safely and expeditiously. Our multidisciplinary approach allows for personalized evaluation, targeted treatment, and a safe, individualized return to activity plan for each athlete.

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